The National Levee Database captures all known levees in the United States. It provides users with the ability to search for specific data about levees and serves as a national resource to support awareness and preparedness around flooding.

The database is intended to help decision makers understand levees - including their location and condition. This information can be used to identify critical levee issues, focus priorities for funding, understand the true cost of maintaining levees, support community preparedness, and quantify the nation's flood exposure.

Levees of the Nation

Total number of levee systems
Total Levee Systems
Combined length of all levees
24 Thousand Miles
Combined Length of Levees
Average levee age
60 Years
Average Levee Age
People behind levees
23 Million People
Behind Levees
Buildings behind levees
7 Million Buildings
Behind Levees
Farmland behind levees
5 Million Acres
Farmland Behind Levees
Propery value behind levees
$2 Trillion
Property Value Behind Levees
Communities behind levees
2,379 Communities
Behind Levees